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Friday, October 23, 2009


Matt Talbot

Events may dash this, Gerald, but for the first time, I'm beginning to allow myself to hope that maybe, just maybe, real reform will come out of the Congress and be signed by the President.

If it does, that may well finish off the radical wing of the Republican Party in the long term.

Gerald L. Campbell

Matt, I believe you are correct on both counts.

But whether the Republican Party will wisely repudiate fundamentalism -- the religious right, libertarianism, and neoconservatism -- is another matter. I find myself being less than sanguine that they will. I inclined to think we may have to witness a slow and convulsive death.

Courage, as you know, is not by any measure a commodity. But who among leading Republicans has not been commodified? Who in their midst can reach beyond power and wealth. I'm unaware of any heroic figure among them.

Matt Talbot

I would agree with that assessment, Gerald. The Republican Party needs an Ike figure to lead them out of the wilderness. Or maybe, a new Party will arise, like the Whigs gave way to the Republicans?

Matt Talbot

My hopes just increased greatly today, Gerald.

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