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Monday, June 29, 2009


Kristen Salandy

This was well written. It's always a pleasure reading an opinion of an informed person. Someone who see Michael for who he is and the GOOD that he has done, instead of focusing on negatives. The reality of it all is that no one is perfect and he shouldnt be chastised for his flaws as we all have them. Michael had a hard life living in the public's eye and battling with his own demons and despite it all he still was very giving and cared about the well being of the cruel world he lived in. May his soul rest in peace.

Trinidad and Tobago


Thank you. Michael was always a gentleman and will forever be a genius! Love you more Michael! You really are the God of our souls!

Marian Haddad

Amen and amen! Thank you for your informedness and your enthusiasm in sharing the truth and nothing but the truth. We need you. I am in deep research of the man's work, though I grew up with it, there was so much more to learn . . . after he passed, delving into the reality of the depth and breadth of his work, his global reach. He was our poet/priest, to use a line from poetry and as I referred to in one of my blogs. I will share this and cite it on as many occasions as possible, this piece you wrote. God bless you. And God rest the soul of man whose mark on our culture, our time, and the arts as a whole, will never be erased, and whose philantharpy, humanitarianism and enlightenment is rare, if not impossible, in our age.


Thank you so much for this educated and much needed contribution, we need many more like you speaking out the truth about this extraordinary artist AND human being, this gentle and caring humanitarian who endlessly gave out so much to so many - the way the media have twisted his image for the last 15 years is a deep wound that speaks volumes on ourselves i'm afraid.
Let the real Michael Jackson be known by those whoe were there but would not see, and by those who will come. Thank you!

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